Jack Kingston grew up in Athens and attended public schools in Clarke County. He earned a degree in economics from the University of Georgia where, as president of the school’s College Republican chapter, he met his future wife Libby.

Jack moved to Savannah after college and took a job as a shipping agent at the port of Savannah, an economic engine he continues to fight for today. He eventually launched a successful career in the insurance industry where he rose to the position of Vice President at a regional brokerage based in Savannah.   Selling agribusiness and property-casualty insurance, Jack travelled all across Georgia to meet with businesses and understand their concerns.

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Jack was elected to the Georgia General Assembly in 1984 as one of just 26 Republicans in the Georgia House of Representatives. Though deep in the minority, he worked with Georgians all across the state to lay the groundwork for the eventual Republican takeover of the legislature.

Through a campaign built on a strong grassroots network, he was able to win a seat in Congress not held by a Republican since Reconstruction.

In Congress, Jack serves as a voice for all of Georgia. He has distinguished himself as a fiscal hawk able to secure budget cuts and advance common sense reforms that make government more accountable and efficient. He has proven himself as able to reach bipartisan agreement while staying true to the conservative principles on which he was elected.

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Jack is a proven fiscal and social conservative who has been repeatedly recognized for his efforts to advance the principle of a limited government that encourages job creation and economic growth. He has been named a ‘Taxpayer’s Hero’ by Citizens Against Government Waste, a ‘Defender of Economic Freedom’ by Club for Growth, a ‘Friend of the Taxpayer’ by the National Taxpayers Union, and a ‘Guardian of Small Business’ by the National Federation of Independent Business.

Jack has never forgotten his roots. He returns to Georgia each week after votes to hear directly from the people he represents.

Libby and Jack have been married for 33 years and continue to live in Savannah. They have four children and one son-in-law.